What is My Guide


My Guide is a recommendation platform created by local experts, people like you who like to explore different places to find the best hotels, restaurants, events, activities and hidden secrets.

Through our network of websites, we create travel guides to help millions of tourists research, plan and book the most exciting voyages and experiences. My Guide has a unique touch since all our content is generated and developed daily by local experts in each and every one of the destinations, this makes travel experiences more enriching, interesting and pleasant.

We are committed to building a global platform, fully tested and reliable, using the latest technology, so that our employees can focus on creating quality content and developing their own businesses.

We know that tourists want to know where the best bars, beaches and restaurants are, but they also want to know local secrets; Gastronomic treasures offering great value food, spectacular little-known locations, current events, the latest information on nightlife, museums, golf, things to do and more. And that's what we're here for, because we know that everything we have to offer in My Guide you won't find anywhere else.

Travelers will enjoy their trips more as we offer tips carefully selected by our local experts as well as the best online experience.

Our brand not only reflects the strategy to offer the most useful online guides created by knowledgeable local experts, but also allows you as a user to customize your search and create your own guides that you can share with your friends and family.

With a brand that is recognized by millions of people, companies find in My Guide the ideal space to advertise their services since we offer a reliable international marketing network complemented by regional presence.

In My Guide you will find the perfect balance between a local touch and a website with global penetration.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your first trip with our tools and guides that are already at your disposal!