Book your stay in advance in Casa Particular

All the hotels in Cuba are majority owned by the state; a monopoly which delivers high prices. Some are set in beautiful locations but many are soulless concrete blocks with terrible service and even worse food.

So, a little travel tip for Cuba that will greatly increase your enjoyment is to stay in ‘Casa Particulares’. Run by inventive locals, a Casa Particulares is a small privately-owned guesthouse. Often, it’s just a room in someone’s house. It’s a great way to get to know locals, enjoy their friendly hospitality and stay in much nicer digs. They usually provide you with a mini-bar and will offer to make you breakfast (5 CUC) and dinner (10 – 12 CUC).
You can book a Casa Particulares through our accommodation section here we have selected the “homestays” option under property type.

There is a wide array of choice but we suggest you do a bit of digging around to find a host who speaks some English. They will be an invaluable resource during your stay and you’ll find they’ll take care of all travel arrangements for you. This is particularly helpful outside Havana where the more interesting activities are not covered in guidebooks. We would also pay a bit extra for air-conditioning.

Unfortunately, due to government meddling and internet restrictions you may find you are unable to book accommodation online in Cuba. So, either book before you arrive in the country or use a VPN to get around the restrictions.