Communications in Cuba

Cuba counts with a network of telephone services in order to provide direct communication within its own territory or any other region around the world. To make a phone call, it’s possible to address any of the telephone booths available in the main cities.

The service can be paid in Cuban Peso, the national currency. These booths also afford phone cards, which are paid in CUC (Cuban Convertible Peso), at a price of 10 or 20 CUC. Calling cards can be obtained in hotels, conference centers, business offices of ETECSA (the Cuban Telecommunications Company) and phone booths. The international call service is also available in hotels. 

You must dial the international calling code of your country; then, the Cuban code (53), plus the area code of the particular province you’re calling to. Finally, you must dial the desired telephone number.

List of Cuban area codes per province:
Pinar del Río- 48
La Habana Capital del País - 7
Isla de la Juventud - 46
Matanzas - 45
Santa Clara - 42
Cienfuegos - 43
Cayo Largo del Sur - 45
Santi Spíritus - 41
Trinidad - 419
Topes de Collantes - 42
Ancón - 419
Ciego de Ávila - 33
Camagüey - 32
Las Tunas - 31
Holguín - 24
Granma - 23
Santiago de Cuba - 22
Baracoa - 21