Sports in Cuba

Baseball in Cuba
Visit the most important stadiums in Cuba and enjoy baseball, the sport with the most fans in the country
When you visit Cuba, one of the things that will attract your attention the most is that baseball is breathed anywhere or anywhere. Baseball, also called "ball", is the national sport of the country and the one with the most fans. It is lived with great passion and practiced by most Cubans.

In your trip through the country you cannot miss a game of the Professional League of Cuban Baseball in one of the most important stadiums in the world, the Latin American Stadium, located in the municipality of Cerro, in Havana. This stadium is also called "El Coloso del Cerro" and "El Latino" and has a capacity of 55,000 spectators. In him plays the famous team of Industrialists.
In addition to this stadium there are others of great interest that you can not miss if you fall in love with this sport, such as the Captain San Luis stadium, the Cristóbal Labra, the Santiago “Chango” Mederas, among many others.