Stock up on the internet cards

If you’re researching travel tips for Cuba, you’ve no doubt heard that internet access is not straight-forward. The internet only recently came to Cuba and the government has a strangle hold on it.

ETECSA is the state-run monopoly providing the service. To access the internet, you need to buy ETECSA cards at their offices. The cards offer 1 hour of internet connection for CUC 1.50. Queues can be long, but locals are often on hand to sell you cards for CUC 2, saving you the wait.

Once you have the card you need to head to a public wi-fi area (usually a park or square), a large hotel or the odd café. You then select the ETECSA network, scratch off the password on the ETECSA card and enter it into your device. The card will keep track of how long you are on the internet. It is time-dependent and not data-dependent. 

ETECSA stores only open in the daytime and are mainly in the larger towns. So stock up with cards when you get the chance.  If you can’t find a store, ask around, someone might sell you a card.