Cuba Population

The Cuban population is made up of more than 11 million inhabitants. In a peculiar mix that is mainly made up of Spaniards, Africans and Asians. The extermination suffered by the aborigines due to the harsh conditions to which they were subjected during the colonization. The Spaniards brought hundreds of Africans and Chinese to do the most difficult works of the sugar industry.

Later, some Europeans arrived like German and French, as well as of other countries of the Caribbean; Haiti and Jamaica. All this mixture constitutes the great Cuban “ajiaco”. Ethnicity / Race: mulatto 51%, white 37%, black 11%, Chinese 1%.

Religion: Constitution of the Republic guarantees total freedom of worship. The most widespread religion is catholic. Afro-Cuban cults, a result of the syncretism between religions of African origin and Catholic saints. Are also deeply rooted. Other churches and cults develop their activities with full normality.