Visa information for your trip

Visitors spending up to two months in Cuba do not need a visa but almost all international travelers need a Cuba Tourist Card valid for up to 30 days of travel. This is a very important travel tip for Cuba as you can’t get in the country without it!

If you book a package holiday, they should organize this for you. Many flights also provide the service, but if not, you will need to organize your own. You can apply using this online service. Cuba can be an officious country so make sure you fill it out carefully.

The rules for American citizens keep changing depending on the political climate. While President Obama relaxed the requirements for travel to Cuba, President Trump has tightened them right back up. On 06 Jun 2019 Trump banned cruise ships from docking in Cuba and scrapped the ‘people to people’ travel loophole that had allowed many Americans to travel to the island.