How do Cubans Celebrate the Valentine's Day?

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Cubans like to celebrate as well as give away gifts and presents on special dates, dates that are used to celebrate with loved ones. On this day, Cubans exchange messages and gifts of congratulations and thanks for celebrating the day of love and friendship

The bride and groom, according to their economic possibilities, give each other cards or any other kind of entertainment to celebrate and celebrate that day. They also do it and exchange messages, friendships and friends. Many even give an engagement ring to their partner.

The Cubans for that day usually give perfumes, flowers, chocolates or any other present, others celebrate with the preparation of a special meal or the assistance to some of the palates in the Island. All are options, that some of the Cubans decide to take, although it implies an extra expense to celebrate and to celebrate that day, everything for being a special party. Some choose the present date to finally get married after a period of time as a bride and groom.

The telephone communications on the Island also tend to collapse for that day, or there are also couples who tend to take a walk along the Malecón as it is always a good idea, to stroll around and enjoy. With warmth, simplicity and emotion, Cubans celebrate this day; where love and joy reign and prevail.

Cubans are people who do not lose their optimism and reflect it at every moment, they are eternal lovers of life and ready to celebrate a day like that of love and friendship, despite any local or global crisis. This is one of those moments when we are grateful and give details and presents to all those special people who share moments and episodes of life.

This holiday is also called Valentine's Day, because it is the day that protected those in love in their time. The introduction of this festivity took place in Europe between the 17th and 18th centuries, and from there it spread to all America. And it is celebrated almost all over the world, every February 14th.