About Cuba

Know everything you need to know before embarking on your trip to Cuba

Beaches in Cuba - discover the best beaches in Cuba and the wonderful features they present
The island of Cuba has wide and splendid idyllic beaches, mostly located in holiday resorts. Cuba has very different beaches from each other. In it you will find from wild beaches and shaken by the wind of the north coast, to calm beaches sheltered and adorned with palm trees; even going through a shameless nudist beach. The best beaches are located on the north coast. Although the resorts have appropriated most of the best beaches in Cuba, you can still find authentic isolated paradises. Some of the most recommended beaches are: Playa del Pilar, located in Cayo Guillermo; Maguana Beach, next to Baracoa; and Ancon Beach, in Sancti Spíritus.
Cuban food - discover what Cuban cuisine is like and what you can drink and eat in Cuba
  • Cuban Food, Old Clothes and Fried Bananas with Cassava
  • Cuban Food: Old Clothes and Bananas with Yucca 
It can be said that the basis of Cuban food is Spanish cuisine, since it provided an infinite amount of ingredients and how to prepare them. However, due to the difficulty of getting some of the ingredients of the typical Spanish dishes in Cuba, the Creoles were gradually introducing new native elements of their country
Cuban cuisine has also been influenced by the African and that is, during the time of slavery, cooks used to be slaves. This influence greatly affected the way of preparing the dishes and, also, brought new ingredients, such as yam. Cuba received thousands of Chinese immigrants, who also contributed their grain of sand to Cuban cuisine. In this case, the most prominent element of his contributions was the icing.
All these influences have provided Cuban cuisine with its own identity, unique in the world. It should be noted that in Cuba, the meaning of the words "sandwich" and "sandwich" is inverse, so if you are eating a sandwich, you should ask for a sandwich and, conversely.

Beverages in Cuba:
  • Daiquiri
  • Daiquirí, Cuban drink Havana Club, Rum of Cuba
  • Havana Club, Rum of Cuba
  • Cuba is the paradise of cocktails. Here the famous mojitos, rum collins, daiquiris and pina colada are consumed daily.
The king of alcoholic beverages is rum, a national drink that has achieved worldwide fame. There are a lot of brands of rum, each of them even has different ranges and qualities. The most prominent is Havana Club; but Caribbean Club, Methuselah, Caney, RonV.C., Varadero, Bucanero, Bocoy and Paticruzado are also highly valued. Also noteworthy is the Santiago Rum, 15, which is only found in the city of Santiago de Cuba. The rum and fruit liqueurs are delicious, and in Cuba they are not only used for drinking, as they are also used to spice fruit salad and fruit salad.
It is important to mention that the Cuban alcohol graduation is different from the international one. In the small print usually put the equivalent of the European. For example, a 12th Cuban drink is equivalent to 5.5º in Spain. Cuba is also famous for preparing excellent juices or tropical fruit juices. Cane juice, guarapo juice and coconut water are the most popular on the island.
As for soft drinks, the palm is taken by Tropi-cola, a much sweeter kind of national coke. Other common soft drinks on the island are lemon or orange soda "Cachito" and Caracas malt, from Venezuela. Cuban coffee is really thick and concentrated. It is usually served in small quantities and without sugar.