Ballet and Theatre in Cuba

Ballet in Cuba
Enjoy a beautiful ballet performance in one of the best theaters on the island of Cuba. If you visit Cuba, you cannot forget to find time to go to a ballet performance. Both the National Ballet of Cuba and the Ballet of Camagüey represent the maximum artistic and technical rigor and the breadth and diversity in the aesthetic conception of Cuban choreographers. The company of the National Ballet of Cuba is considered one of the most prestigious dance companies on the international scene, and occupies a prominent place in contemporary Spanish-American culture.
Theater in Cuba
Discover which are the theaters that you must visit in your passage through the island of Cuba and enjoy their works. On your trip to Cuba you must keep in mind that it is almost mandatory to visit its theaters and not only for the enjoyment of admiring the architectural majesty of some of them, but for the wide range of works of all kinds they represent.

The most important are in the main cities of the country, which include: 
Havana, with its Great Theater of Havana, where you can attend some of its ballet or opera functions, as it is the headquarters of the Spanish Ballet and the magnificent National Opera of Cuba. And also the National Theater of Cuba. Camagüey and its Main Theater of Camagüey, home of the Camagüey Ballet.