Buy a car in Cuba

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What was previously done on the black market with truculent and insecure solutions, now allows foreign citizens or residents to acquire agency cars produced several years ago, of the Peugeot, Hyundai or Suzuki brands, for example and in small numbers, to change of stratospheric amounts of tens of thousands of Cuban Convertible Pesos (as inferred from previous data, a CUC is equivalent to a little less than one Euro), when the average monthly salary earned by workers in current Cuban pesos is around 20 CUC (A CUC is equivalent to 25 Cuban pesos, the national currency).
However, used cars from owner to owner run with more luck. To get an idea, a car from the former Soviet Union (the source of most of the cars imported since 1959) of the Moskovich and Lada brands can be sold from three thousand to 12 thousand CUC, safely for the parts of spare thanks to local ingenuity.
A classic American car, on the other hand, especially if it will fulfill the function of taxi or rental service for tourists, is balanced between six thousand and 12 thousand CUC (depending on the fuel you use: gasoline or diesel, cheaper and accessible) . But of the latter, those that retain the chassis and the original engine, mainly convertibles, can shoot up to a respectable 80 thousand CUC.

The Classic American Cars in Cuba 

Therefore, Cubans who have the "luck" to own a private car and to be able to maintain it due to the high prices of fuel, parts, tires and repairs, exert all the pressure and expertise to make them profitable. Obviously and for several decades, the lightest way to use a car permanently and at minimal cost, is through a position of public official or director of companies and state institutions that subsidize it with their budgets.