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It is recommended that those who only wish to dive more recreationally take their courses directly in Cuba, since their duration does not exceed a few hours, and whose dives are also closely monitored by authentic professionals. On the other hand, those who travel to the island with the sole reason for diving, may need to take their courses beforehand, in their respective countries of origin. In this way, a great loss of time is avoided that could well be used to fully enjoy the trip.
The tropical climate of Cuba makes it perfect to live one of the best diving trips (See more) that exist. This is a very important fact, since having warm waters requires equipment of a lower thickness and cost than that used in colder waters.

 Diving in Cuba

On the other hand, the marine platform of the island is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, where all kinds of colorful tropical fish, starfish, turtles, mammals, some of them truly exotic, abound, which is an experience that It goes beyond simple tourism. It is, ultimately, a life experience that we will never forget.
It is important to note that it is possible to take a diving course before traveling to Cuba, whereby tourists obtain their international licenses and credentials beforehand, thus avoiding wasting time on their trip by taking the course directly on the island. Already in possession of their papers, it is possible to enjoy forty international centers dedicated to diving, all of them of excellent quality and at a comparatively much lower price than that observed in other countries; in such a way that Cuba gives us the most balanced combination between price and incredible waters.
Diving prices in Cuba vary from beach to beach, but in general terms they are really accessible for all kinds of tourists, even for those who have scheduled a few days trip on the island. In this sense, the need to conduct your courses before becomes even more important.

Snorekling in Cuba 

Beyond this, in each region we can find diving clubs that have all the materials to rent, and most importantly, instructors who also serve as a guide for fans of this sport. Remember that not all dives require internationally endorsed courses.
Diving in Varadero, Cuba is one of the options most chosen by the general public, and not by chance. In fact, we speak here of a region more than auspicious, but simply ideal. In logistic terms it is also perfect, since it has an international airport, which means that you can reach Varadero from anywhere in the world without major inconveniences.
On the other hand, it also has very good access routes by land. This is important for tourists who are touring Cuba, and not simply settling in a particular point.
There are many people who wonder if it is possible to dive in Havana. Of course yes! Moreover, the city of Havana, and its surroundings, have excellent complexes dedicated to recreational diving, sports, and much more. The prices are similar to those we can find in other places in Cuba, but with the added value of being located really close to one of the most attractive urban areas of the island.
For those who plan to move along the island to enjoy its incredible beaches, the possibility of diving activities in Cayo Santa María is a truly unique alternative. The keys of Cuba, in general, give us the best that the Caribbean has to offer us, with very clear and very shallow waters, which provides us with magnificent visibility. Here too, coral reefs are one of the main attractions, but also their varied species of fish and crustaceans, which make any dive a captivating experience from every point of view.

Cayo Santa María diving

In the Jardines de la Reina, diving acquires transcendental proportions. Located in southern Cuba, this archipelago has an exceptional variety of marine fauna and flora; and what is even more important: practically preserved and untouched. Its beaches, of totally white sands, serve as entrance mat for one of the most extraordinary adventures that diving has to offer. And all that surrounded by magnificent caverns, mountains and underwater tunnels of extreme beauty. Not surprisingly, the Jardines de la Reina is considered one of the diving paradises.
Since there are many other dive centers throughout Cuba that have the same level of quality, both in terms of the activity itself and in regard to its hotel and gastronomic offer: Santa Lucia, in the Camagüey region, It is one of the most notable examples in this regard; although it is also worth mentioning Guardalavaca, Santiago, Trinidad, Cayo Largo, Levisa, and many others.
All these sites have their own particularities, especially in relation to the marine flora and fauna that the diver can find, but they also share the same properties in terms of warm waters, optimal underwater visibility, and all the hotel and gastronomic infrastructure to live a integral diving experience. Of course, with prices that are extraordinarily cheap for the average traveler, even for those who plan to spend only a few days in Cuba.
At this point it is important to note that there are very good diving courses in Cuba; that is, courses that can be taken directly in the different dive centers that are arranged throughout the island. Many of these establishments also have the necessary equipment conditions to rent suits for the fan who wants to make dives of little depth and time. Of course, it is advisable to make the corresponding inquiries, since there are also tours and tours that include the value of these courses in the total cost of the trip.
For all these reasons, the offer of diving in Cuba is one of the largest in the world. Everyone who travels to the island can enjoy it, and more importantly, adapt it to their own personal needs and desires. Even age is not an impediment, since the beaches of Cuba offer us ideal diving spaces, almost paradisiacal, we could say, for the elderly. In any case, the waters of the Caribbean are a cause for celebration for all humanity, and diving, as few activities can do, allow us to establish a close, and unforgettable, link with one of the most spectacular places on the planet.