Melia Cuba: on the reopening of its hotels.

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Gabriel Escarrer, executive vice-president and managing director of Meliá Hotels International, has pronounced on the return of the famous Spanish chain to reopen to tourism.

"After more than two months of global confinement (...) they finally allow us to glimpse a close return to hotel activity. A return that, we know, will not be quick or easy for the tourism sector, but to which we must contribute with all our strength," Escarrer wrote in

The CEO of Meliá also spoke about the path they were opening up to be part of the recovery of tourism in Spain, and wherever Meliá has hotels, including Cuba.

"During this crisis we have been together with our stakeholders to chart a collaborative way out, taking special care of our people and our talent (...) we have worked hard to "reset" ourselves to be able to go out more excellent and competitive, to resist in the new and complex environment. But the reopening of our hotels does not mean a simple return to work," said the executive.

According to Escarrer, since Meliá had to close in Spain after March 26, and then gradually in the other places, they knew there would be a return, but this one would be different.

"We knew that the world would come back, but it would be different, and at Meliá Hotels International we wanted to anticipate this transformation. The premises of "safe travel" and "health confidence" have transformed the world of travel, but after several months of hard closure, our customers expect more than just a sanitized and safe hotel," said the CEO. What do customers expect, according to Meliá? They expect to enjoy their experience more than ever.

"To combine experience and safety, we have redesigned our spaces, our work processes, concepts and brand attributes, under the highest standards of safety, hygiene and wellbeing (...) our Stay safe with Meliá Program, certified by Bureau Veritas, responds to all of this," they reported.

In all this, the brand's hotels in Cuba should be included, which, of course, have not stood idly by during this time. The chain's official Twitter account on the island left the following message for its next clients: "We have less left to keep you with us! In the meantime, we continue working in our hotels to make your experience more beautiful and pleasant".

Also in a video shared by Meliá Cuba, its director Juan Pereira, showed the work they have been doing in the Meliá Cayo Coco during the last months of the health crisis in the Island. And that happens, that Meliá's performance will be to provide much more than health security and Cuba has to be prepared for that.

Last May 10, the Spanish hotel chain celebrated 30 years of presence in Cuba. From Meliá, they count on the Caribbean and Cuba to recover from this world-wide stop of tourism.