What to do in Cuba

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Havana music
In Cuba there is no lack of culture, music, or taste. And yes, all of the best quality. Many tourist bars in Old Havana, Trinidad and Santiago offer live salsa concerts and other musical styles. The music houses are famous for their salsa concerts, although keep in mind that they are very touristy places.

Live music in Hawana 

Dance salsa
As a salsa lover I am, this was the reason for my second visit: take some classes and dance until my feet hurt! Although there are hundreds of dance schools, you will see that almost all offer personalized classes. That is, there are no group classes. It comes out a little more expensive, but you also learn more. If you buy a package of 10 private classes, expect to pay about 100 CUC.
Take ron in a local bar
Although it is very good to be able to buy a bottle of Habana Club for only 3.80 CUC, there is nothing comparable to having a cheap roncito in a bar of bad death. I'm talking about those shabby and old bars, full of half-drunk Cubans, where prices are written on a blackboard. This is a highly recommended experience. The glass of rum will cost you only 0.10 euros and the good time talking with the locals will not cost you anything.
Smoke a handcrafted cigar
This will depend on whether you like to smoke or not, but it is a classic of a visit to Cuba. Here the best cigars in the world are prepared, and many are quite economical.

Cuban Cigars

Go to the art factory
No matter how old you are, if you are in Havana, you cannot miss the art factory. Imagine a huge space with several rooms and bars where drinks are served, and in some rooms there are art exhibitions, in others there are surreal photographs, in others there are dance shows, Jazz shows, a Jam session or people dancing electronic music.
It's like a museum, but party plan until the many! Here the Cubans have assembled something unique and really very innovative. It is open from Thursday to Sunday ... you have to go!
Did you know that Cuba has some of the most impressive coral reefs in the Caribbean? With 5,700 kilometers of coastline, a visibility of 30 meters and an average water temperature of 26 degrees, this island is a true paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts.
The most famous places for diving are María la Gorda, Isla de la Juventud, Cayo Largo del Sur, Varadero and Santa Lucía. In addition to these, you will find other great places along the entire coast.
Stay in the malecón until afternoon
The Malecon in Havana is a beautiful place to walk. However, remember that you are completely exposed to the sun, and the heat can be unbearable during the day. It is best to visit it at night, when people approach the promenade to take a snooze, play the guitar and chat until the many of the night.
Share taxis shared
Who would not want to ride one of those Chevrolet or Ford of the 50s and go around the city? Although most of the tourists rent a car with a driver (for an exorbitant price) to be able to live this experience, they do not know that there is another much cheaper and authentic option.

Taxi in Cuba

In Cuba, these very old cars, known as "machines" or "almendrones", function as shared taxis, making fixed routes within the city and between towns. In Havana, you can stop one of these beautiful cars and move inside the city for 10 CUP. That is, less than $ 0.50.
Visit the museums
In Cuba there are museums for all tastes. With such a fascinating and unique history, it is normal that they have dedicated much of their heritage so that visitors and locals learn about the country.
The museum of the revolution in Havana is probably the most famous of all. In addition, there are other highly recommended museums such as the National Museum of Fine Arts, the Sugarcane Museum, the Museum of Colonial Architecture of Trinidad and many others.
Mix with the people
The best thing about traveling around Cuba is to mix with the local people, chat with them, share a bottle of rum and start laughing. Cubans are supersympathetic, and no, they are not all jineteros. In fact, 99.99% are fantastic people.
When you are in a private house, take the opportunity to talk with them. When you buy something in a store or restaurant, talk to the owners ... You will see that they are friendly and fun. The truth, Cubans are unique characters.