The best beaches in Cuba (beyond Varadero)

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Eastern Beaches
If you only have a few days in Cuba and do not plan to leave Havana, the Eastern Beaches are a perfect getaway to at least take a look at the Caribbean Sea. About 20 kilometers from the capital, Playas del Este is a sort of Cuban Riviera, where fishing villages like Guanabo are mixed with semi-resorts like Bacuranao. In the summer months, Playas del Este receives almost half of Havana en masse: join.
Pilar Beach
If Piratas del Caribe had been filmed in Cuba, Playa Pilar, in Cayo Guillermo, would have been the perfect natural setting for the misdeeds of Captain Sparrow. Dunes of 15 meters offer the perfect hiding place for the loot, and the shallow coast invites you to take the anchor and celebrate with a bottle of rum (or a daiquiri).

Pilar Beach, Cuba 

Maguana Beach
The most famous beach in Baracoa is the dream of every lover of the sea. The surface of the water remains unperturbed despite the constant gentle breeze, and invites swimmers to take a long or several. Scuba divers (amateurs or pros) can explore the coral reef that hides just 200 meters from the shore. The rest? Lie down and take a deep breath: this is how good you are when you are well.

Maguana Beach, Cuba

Fishing Beach
If you came to Cuba in search of the “all-inclusive” pleasure, but prefer something more original than the biggest tourist destination in the country, head to Playa Pesquero. This small resort in the province of Holguin is the younger brother of Varadero, but it does not lag behind. The hotel offer is smaller, but of equal quality, and the beach has nothing to envy: turquoise sea at room temperature, where you can walk half a kilometer from the shore so that the water reaches you ... at the waist.

Playa Pesquero, Cuba
Ancon Beach
A stone's throw from the fairytale city that is Trinidad is a beach no less bewitching: Ancon, unofficially crowned as the most beautiful beach in Cuba. And not without reason. In Ancón, the sand is not white, it is almost silver, and the sunsets are the natural representation of the Cuban experience: unmatched and unforgettable.
Sirena Beach
These two uninterrupted kilometers of beach in Cayo Largo are one of the jewels of the southern coast of Cuba, in which locals and tourists mix in search of aquatic adventures (you can rent kayaks and canoes on the same beach) and perpetual sun. For extra privacy, take advantage of its twin beach, Playa Paraíso: quieter, but just as spectacular.

 Sirena Beach, Cuba

Caletones beach
One of the most unknown beaches in Cuba, Caletones (and his cousin sister, Los Bajos) lives on the coast of the picturesque city of Gíbara, on the north coast of the country. To get there you need a boat trip, or a dusty car ride, and in the end one of the best kept secrets in the country awaits you. In Caletones, the sapphire sea hides in natural rock pools, as well as offering one of the best diving areas in Cuba within its labyrinth of underwater caves.
Los Pinos Beach
If what you ask of Cuba is peace and calm, come to Los Pinos. This beach of Cayo Sabinal is one of the most isolated in Cuba in terms of assistance. The majority of the days will be you, your companion, the straw umbrella and, sometimes, a neighbor offering you roasted lobster to eat.